Thursday, October 25, 2007

Carphone Warehouse - not trading today!

Not the best day for the Belfast branch of The Carphone Warehouse.

A little short of electrons perhaps!

Better get it sorted out before the expected rush of people on November 9 wanting to shell out hundreds and hundreds of pounds a year for an Apple iPhone. (Though I've a sneaking suspicion that Northern Irelander's will be a bit more canny and not fall for the hype.)

Update 2/11: And a big hello to all the folk at CPW who are reading this post this morning!


ruthEbabes said...

Rob's counting down the days, hours and minutes for the iPhone! However has worked out a cheaper way of doing it.

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

It used to be good to know a member of staff in Carphone Warehouse ... staff discount was always a good thing. Made my P800 affordable at the time!

Has Rob changed his stripes (Tiger) to spots (Leopard) yet?

Anonymous said...

Havent changed my spots yet, cant decide if I should or not, if it is worth the while. Plus, I would like to get a new desktop and would like to get it and try lepord on it before I upgrade the rest of the computers in the house!

So do you know anyone who works in carphone warehouse? would save me a bit of money! Although I am not planning on signing up to those ridiculous contracts!

How is your mac life going? Have you upgraded yet?

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Na ... my friend(s) both left a couple of years ago.

Mac life is going well ... typing on a Mac Mini as we speak. Think I'll hold off on the Leopard install for a while too. Shame the discounted upgrade only applies to purchases of old systems made from 1 Oct onwards ... as I boght this one in September after the product line "Aluminium" refresh.

Only complaint would be the naff new flat keyboard, which has been replaced with an old Bluetooth one bought off eBay!