Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Belfast City Council suffers split ...

Oops. Belfast city centre’s Christmas Tree has formally separated ... from itself.

The 45 foot tall Norway Spruce was due to be erected in front of the City Hall in time for the turning on of the lights next Tuesday (20th Nov). But it had second thoughts – blamed on “the wet summer and unseasonally [sic] dry autumn” that “had a devastating effect on the tree”.

Anyone living beside Parkanaur in Dungannon will probably hear a man with a large chain saw running through the forest to find a replacement tree that can be trucked up to Belfast.

live scene from Belfast City Hall webcam

You can follow their progress on the City Hall webcam.


Anonymous said...

A split in City Hall that hasn't the slightest bearing on the rest of our daily lives...?
Now thats someting new!

Lovin the blog Alan, keep it up.

Stephen Barnes said...

Don't worry, AlanInBelfast.

Jim Rodgers was outside the City Hall today, erecting his new wood.

Piccies will be on the usual place ASAP.

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

The very same man with his chain walked past be earlier tonight at an event ... but I didn't get to ask him about the tree.