Saturday, November 17, 2007

The big rickety wheel ... on board the Belfast Wheel

It rained. In fact, it poured.

The condensation and raindrops made decent photography impossible ... and I can just hear Jett saying "Phew" under his breath as the last thing the internet needs is another pile of samey photos of the wheel appearing on Flickr!

Despite the wind and rain, it wasn't as bumpy or rocky as some have described it. All the same, the view of the Cathedral Spire as you come over the top is astounding.

A pleasant, repeatable experience, perhaps on a clear night when the lights are officially turned on and the market is buzzing, or maybe with a sandwich some lunchtime.

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Anonymous said...

We went up on a friday night. even at night the lights were amazing from the top. I didn't really find it rickety - but there were some 'unexplained' creaks which were unnerving. I liked the queuing system they have in place. Doesn't take too long.