Sunday, November 04, 2007

Choosing a name on blogspot/blogger

If you’ve recently started a blog, you’ll have been through the frustrating process that my wife’s going through tonight.

Why has every blog name under the sun already been snapped up on blogspot/blogger?

And why do most of them only have a single post (if any) from back in 2002.

Is it not time for the Google to trash the unloved blogs? Not the abandoned ones where writers have walked away after a few weeks or months of postings. Just the ones where the entire archive only fills two inches of screen real estate.

Time for a bit of lateral thinking ... we’ve just eliminated wifeinbelfast dot blogspot dot com!

Wonder what it will end up being called?


Stephen Barnes said...

I asked SWIMBO for a random word. She said "smelly". Sprog#1 gave me "Johannesburg" and Sprog#2 said "wardrobe"

Didn't like the Johannesburg bit.

That is how "Smelly Wardrobes" came about.

ruthEbabes said...

cherylinbelfast???? lol

whatever it ends up being let us know!