Friday, November 09, 2007

iPhone frenzy in Belfast City Centre *not*

6.02pm - UK iPhone launch time

The Apple iPhone goes on sale in the UK tonight at 18:02. Not sure why Apple abandoned their normal on the dot of 6pm launch time, but just after the little hand points to six and the big hand passes 12, the online Apple Store will throw it’s switch and Carphone Warehouse will remove the cardboard hoardings around their display cases.

iPhone launch at 6.02 graphic

Worth noting that at lunchtime today, there wasn’t a tented village, nor even any kind of a queue of apple-eating enthusiasts with pockets stuffed full of fivers forming outside the Cornmarket Arthur Square branch of Carphone Warehouse.

iPhone Bakelite edition

Maybe everyone’s gone to wait in a warm shopping centre like Forestside instead. Or maybe there’s just no interest!

Hope the CPW systems stay up today!

Update: El Reg reports a lack of interest in the iPhone right across London CPW and O2 stores on Friday night!


Unknown said...

I believe it is 6.02 because it is on the O2 network...

So are you planning on getting one and unlocking it?

I am pretty sure that there will be plenty to go around

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Nope - too expensive - and unlocking too dodgy if there's any repeat of the US experience. And no visual voicemail etc if not on O2.

And I'm a bit too attached to my old Sony Ericsson P900 - too many apps on it (like the London A-Z and streetfinder).

Coke_Shy_Hero said...

To be fair, there were just over half a dozen intrepid folk just outside the O2 shop at the back of Castle Court at about 5:30 on Friday evening. The staff seemed to be well geared up for the "rush". There was one staffer handing out bottles of water and a phenomenal rope to punter ratio.

Inside they appeared to have switched off all the lights and were lined up next to the glass shop front, playing with the devices. Well worth a nosey.

Still, not as impressive as yesterday's Super Mario Galaxy launch at Game. Similar number of punters, but more enthusiasm - most with some form of Mario paraphernalia, and one young lass in full Princess Peach attire. Obviously a member of the Belfast Cosplay Union.