Monday, December 10, 2007

Rapunzel won't let her hair down until the New Year ... but there's some Wilde radio instead

(c) 2007 BBC - still from Rapunzel - Fairy Stories

According to the BBC Press Office, the four part anthology of Fairy Tales - all shot in Northern Ireland - due to starting airing on BBC One at the end of November with a revamped look at Rapunzel (see the earlier review) will now not be screened until the New Year.

So Rapunzel will have to keep practising her tennis for a while longer. Update: BBC One, 9pm, Thursday 10 January

Montage from Rapunzel invite

But if you’re in need of a fairy tale or two over Christmas, check out Radio Ulster at 1.05pm from Christmas Day through to Friday 28th, when you can catch local radio presenters as they ask “listeners to make sure they are sitting comfortably as they take them away from all that seasonal stress to a magical place by reading four classic fairytales by the legendary Irish writer Oscar Wilde”.

  • Christmas Day - Cherrie McIlwaine - The Happy Prince
  • Boxing Day - John Toal - The Selfish Giant
  • Thursday 27 - Gerry Anderson - The Devoted Friend
  • Friday 28 - Wendy Austin - The Nightingale And The Rose

All sound, but you get to make up your own picture!

And as if that wasn’t enough, the same press release explains that the Radio Ulster Pantomine will be broadcast on Saturday 29 at 11.30am (repeated 2.30pm Sunday 30).

The seven dwarves from BBC Radio Ulster's pantomime
“Written by Sean Crummey, the writer and voice behind the television and radio series Folks On The Hill, this hilarious version of the classic fairy tale sees some of the station’s best known presenters have a go at acting and, ahem, singing as they attempt to tell the story of Snow White.”

Check out the picture of the seven dwarves!

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