Sunday, April 27, 2008

How not to park - particularly a red Jaguar

One thing that really irritates me is bad parking. Particularly, pulling into the convenient parent and toddler spaces without having any children in the car, or parking unnecessarily across several spaces.

There were several examples of the latter at Secret Sainsburys yesterday afternoon, but this was the best.

A badly parked Jaguar - across two spaces - at Secret Sainsburys (Holywood Exchange)

Maybe some brands of car just need extra white space black tarmac on either side to set them off?


Cosmo said...

I don't think this is a case of bad parking. It's a case of intentional parking. People with expensive cars have been known to park this way in order to stop others from parking too closely to them. (I think I might park "badly" beside them next time I see it.)

Stephen Barnes said...

Sometimes I wish I could bring myself to park like this. My brand new £30k car was dinged three times within the first 2 weeks of our relationship in carparks. It's as if people see a nice car and deliberately whack it out of jealousy. I can understand the guy's thinking, but couldn't do it myself.

OK, rant over. You might like to visit for some fab fake parking tickets.

Timothy Belmont said...

I'm afraid to admit that I do it myself, because I've had inconsiderate people denting the sides of previous cars. I sometimes park like this in an attempt to prevent others from parking too close to me. I prefer doing it at an angle (as the actress said to the bishop!) rather than the straight way the red Jag is parked. So it's quite deliberate, if naughty and wrong!


Anonymous said...

I'd actually consider that good parking after going through my teenage years at a school that had quite a few nuns knocking about... being holy and stuff. I'm convinced they had staff-room competitions to see who could park the WEIRDEST way possible... either that or they were all loosely related to Mr Magoo!

Anonymous said...

This is a pet hate of mine - the OTHER WAY!

Last year we successfully sold our immaculate-non-dented-and-carefully-looked after car. The people gave a deposit and were coming back *next Wednesday* to collect it. On the Saturday I parked in a supermarket car park and got such a severe gouge from some inconsiderate person that it cost £350 to put right before the car was collected.

I always drive round and round looking for a nice big space. I'm the one who parks miles away and walks rather than parking closer. If the spaces are too small and painted by shops that have no idea much space is required to open doors then it is my job to look after my investment myself.

We take pride in our (albeit older) cars and look after the boby work. This isn't only an *expensive* car thing - it is a *looked after* thing.

I wont park like this close to the main doors but I will do it further away and have no problem doing it or admitting it. If your photo was taken near the entrance then shame on them for doing it so close - but I'm behind the theory of it. . .

Now, on the topic of car parks, I am waiting to see if you ever take up the cause for redesigning the Bentrim Tesco one for people with trollies trying to get from here to here without having to walk on the road when there are pavements there which you can't push your trolley on to. . . I think you are the man for that job :D

Let's see if this comment gets through this time - I have commented on your blog before and the comments never get sent properly!

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

@anydanger - I've never been sure why, but quite often I need to open the comment window, close it (because it keeps auto-refreshing) and then open it again. Always works the second time.

No idea why it behaves that way - as I haven't tinkered with many blogger settings or the template.

But thanks for stopping by.

(Oh, and the car was pretty close to the store. Certainly in a full row of cars.)