Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sesame Tree – The Bookworms Move House

As previously mentioned, the first of twenty Sesame Tree episodes made its way onto Northern Ireland television screens on Tuesday ... scheduled just before Muppets Live Stormont Live.

Thinking about birds, nests and what makes a home. Useful stuff in a community of home birds!

Naming the bookworms Samson and Goliath was a lovely local touch. You’ll be glad to know that the bookworms got a lovely new house made out of some special books. Repeated early morning on Saturday and Sunday on BBC Two, and on iPlayer.


Anonymous said...

Cheers Alan!

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

You're welcome! Any chance you'll make some more?

Anonymous said...

I'm very optimistic.....!
It's been great, you'll love the finale (show 20)!
Thanks for the great press too, man!


Wondering said...

Just watched the trailer - about Sharing. Quite fun...
in answer to the children's question, "Why should we share?" the answer given is "Because it feels good, and makes us happy."

REALLY?! So, should my Littlun NOT share if it means she has to wait for a while, so someone else can get a turn?

Surely the happy feeling we sometimes get comes from doing what we know to be good, but if we make it the reason for sharing, we'll be disappointed, because sharing is often costly.

By the way, is the Sesame Tree symbolic of NI or Ireland? And is that pink thing Uncle Andy?

Anonymous said...

The idea of the Sesame Tree came from the Irish mythological idea of 'fairy trees'. And, no, it's definitely not 'Uncle Andy' or 'Da'!

And while of course sharing can be costly, it's important to realise that the show is aimed at 3-6 year olds and within the total 15 minutes must include two teaching points from the new NI curriculum and a social/cultural teaching point.