Saturday, February 21, 2009

Words of wisdom on the wall of The Garrick?

The Garrick bar in Belfast

Yesterday lunchtime, my eye was caught by the words painted on The Garrick's wall.

Back in the old days I tended to work as part of Belfast-based collocated teams, who would go out for a "team lunch" every few months, often to celebrate people moving on, or successful software releases. The pre-most-recent-rennovation Garrick was one of our haunts along with the Morning Star (fancy some kangaroo) and Smith-something??? (on Fountain Street).

But uploading the photos from my camera this afternoon, the words on the wall resonated with last night's première of Five Minutes of Heaven and my ongoing reading through the Consultative Group on the Past's report document.

Words painted on the wall above the Garrick Bar

A nation that keeps one eye on the past is wise.

A nation that keeps two eyes on the past is blind.

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