Thursday, September 24, 2009

Microsoft Courier prototype? A bit like a OLPC XO-2?

OLPC2 - One Laptop Per Child two-screen concept

I'm a huge fan of the concept of tablet computers (or eBook readers) with two facing pages.

The One Laptop Per Child concept photo of its OLPC XO-2 has tantalised my since the moment I saw it. There's such potential for intuitive use of this format of device.

Real books have facing pages - and that's something the Kindle doesn't achieve it its current form factor.

But the concept is no longer confined to OLPC. Rumours are circulating about the Courier - what looks like an internal prototype that Microsoft are building. Perhaps getting their heads around the possibilities before tuning a Windows variant to work over the two touch screens.

Below the fold - if the fold works! - is a video from Gizmondo.


Anonymous said...

The Apple Tablet is the one to be waiting for Alan! Expect it at the start of the New Year!

Unknown said...

Hey Alan, I've just discovered the Courier, having reviewed the disappointment that is the iPad. This happy Mac user would even buy a Courier standalone!

See my review: