Saturday, July 03, 2010

The C.S. Lewis Belfast International Airport … or maybe Jim Megaw?

Whenever Belfast City Airport announced that they were going to incorporate George Best into the airport name, I remember an online rumour that the other airport would join the trend and become the Gloria Hunniford Belfast International Airport.

A flyer with the message below was distributed to delegates at the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in June.

I have a dream –

“ The C.S. Lewis Belfast International Airport.”

At a time when many people feel downhearted and many Christians feel under attack, I would like to share a vision which is positive, uplifting and will be appreciated by literally millions of people around the world. My vision is that we name Belfast International Airport “The C.S. Lewis Belfast International Airport.”

C.S. Lewis is Belfast’s, Ulster’s and Ireland’s most famous, widely read, quoted and popular person. Literary criticism, Christian Doctrine, children’s fantasy, allegory, science fiction, letters and a diary describing his experience of bereavement – he was a literary giant and most of his work is still in print. Most of the people flying into Belfast International Airport will know who C.S. Lewis is; that he came from Belfast may surprise them. Let us honour this great man and remind the world that Ireland is truly a land of saints and scholars sometimes both in one person.

God bless you.

Rev. Jack Lamb, minister/teaching elder, Townsend Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast

If you share my vision please consider telling your local minister of the Gospel, councillor, MLA, MP and MEP. With your help I believe this dream can come true.

It’s unfortunate that C.S. Lewis is best known for his childhood in East Belfast, closer to the City Airport than the International!

Still from Stewarts Supermarkets / Crazy Prices advert featuring Jim Megaw

And while C.S. Lewis is certainly a worth export that Northern Ireland can be proud of, if there was justice in the world, shouldn’t someone be suggesting that it become the Jim Megaw Belfast International Airport?


Timothy Belmont said...

Whatever happened to the ladies' pin-up Jim "You Can't Beat it"" Megaw? :-)

Stephen Barnes said...

Wasn't Jim's catch phrase "Don't yeeuuu miss it!"?

What about the Alex Higgins Belfast International Airport - you'll never complain about long cues again.

Or the Gerry Adams Belfast International Airport - it is proud of air travel in Ireland, but has never actually been an airport itself.

Or the Iris Robinson Belfast International Airport - £50,000 discount on all flights and 6 months free accomodation in London.

Or the Stephen Nolan Belfast International Airport - now taking wide-bodied aircraft. (difficult to get to though, as it's a bit self-centred) ;-)

Timothy Belmont said...

"Don't you miss it!" I knew I'd got some quote wrong. :-)

Jenny said...

C.S. Lewis most certainly was Belfast's most famous export, as he spent most of his life away from here - in particular, he had no connection with QUB as a student or lecturer despite the new library's reading room named after him.

Why not Aldergrove seeing as that's what most of us call it anyway?