Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Belfast Telegraph roadshow rolls into ... Belfast (8 November)

Poster for Belfast Telegraph - Tell us about it - roadshow in Belfast

With the number of political panels, you'd think there was an election just around the corner!

Within greater Belfast, November is turning into political accountability month. East Belfast Speaks Out takes place on Wednesday10 November with pretty senior politicians from the ConDem government and NI Executive expected to appear on the panel.

Two nights before on Monday 8 November, the Belfast Telegraph is holding the last in its series of Tell Us About It public meetings in Belfast City Hall. Hosted by Lynda Bryans, they've assembled reps from the five biggest local political parties to answer readers' questions pertaining to the city of Belfast.

  • Stephen Farry (Alliance)
  • Alex Maskey (Sinn Fein)
  • Alban Maginness (SDLP)
  • Nelson McCausland (DUP)
  • Basil McCrea (UUP)

In the hour-long session, what are the bets that there will be questions covering transport, housing, social issues, public sector accountability, culture ... or will it be dominated by economic plan envy as each party explains why its proposals are bigger and better than everyone else's?

Questions can be submitted in advance to joris DOT mine AT jprni DOT com. If you're going, you need to confirm your attendance by emailing marian DOT gapper AT belfasttelegraph DOT co DOT uk.

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Anonymous said...

Not very open and accountable when you have to confirm your attendance in advance and submit questions in advance also.

I can imagine the fury from the Bel Tel were the Executive to organise an "open meeting" on a similar basis.