Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Just the lift the Irish economy needs: "Accenture is to create 1 new job ..."

snippet from Belfast Telegraph website article about Accenture creating jobs in Dublin

With all the doom and gloom, today's short article on the Belfast Telegraph website will surely bring a cheer to Irish spirits with the news that Accenture are creating jobs in Dublin.

MANAGEMENT consulting firm Accenture is to create 1 new jobs over the next four years at a research and innovation centre in Dublin. The company, which already employs 1,3 staff in Ireland, said the centre will develop advanced statistical modelling techniques known as analytics. The investment, which is backed by IDA Ireland, will form part of a wider global network.

The Irish Times have a more believable version: 100 new jobs on top of 1,300 existing ones!

On a serious note, it's the biggest set of jobs in the field of statistics and mathematics that I've seen announced for a long time. Now where did I put my STA304 notes from university days ...

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