Saturday, June 25, 2011

This weekend in Belfast - bands, boats, art hunt, gaming and anime

You shouldn't be stuck for something to do in Belfast this weekend.

Open House Festival still has a couple of days of gigs to attend as they fuse American roots and Irish traditional music together in the Cathedral Quarter. And ChilliFest is back in Custom House Square, with Nacho stands, a Cajun Cafe and a BBQ Pit as well as chilli pepper eating competitions, Strictly Come Barn Dancing ... and music from Urban Voodoo Machine (Sat afternoon) and Alabama 3 (Sun afternoon).

Great Belfast Art Hunt is back, meeting in front of Belfast City Hall on Saturday at 1pm for a afternoon of solving clues as you dander between galleries across the city to try to win the great prizes. Concludes with a party in a gallery at 4pm. £6 (£5 concession).

Not to mention this weekend's Belfast Titanic Maritime Festival down beside (and behind) the Odyssey in Queen's Quay and Abercorn Basin. Tall ships, stalls, children's activities and street theatre. Step on board the Bounty and relive all those awful moments from Pirates from the Caribbean (as well as many, many better films).

And if you prefer gaming and anime to boats and bands, head up to QUB Students' Union which is the venue for this year's Q-Con. Consoles, LAN gaming, role playing, war gaming, board games, screenings, charity events as well as traders and ... bands. No escaping music this weekend in Belfast!


nick said...

Fun for all the family, as they say. Jenny and I are planning to see Dan Forshaw at the Bells Jazz Brunch today, as it's Dan's last gig before he moves to Cambridge (Cambridge England, that is).

Talking of QUB, Alan, what's your take on the imminent closure of the Bookshop at Queen's after 53 years?

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Bookshop at Queens ... many an hour spent in there as a student, though bought fewer books in it each year! The second hand bookshop in the Students' Union was quite adequate in the end for a maths/computer science nerd like me.

It'll be missed as a book launch venue ... and it means the nearest bookshop is Waterstones a couple of miles away in the centre of Belfast ... I'd bet there will be fewer books in the hands of students.

The QUB library had better stock up.

But I can't help wondering is whether it's the end of an era, or just an inevitable sign of changing methods of study and information?

Anonymous said...

Apologies for going off topic. Any idea what is happening to slugger. Is it down or is it just me?

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Should be up by the morning - think Mick forgot to renew the domain!

Anonymous said...

Ah well. Just have to make do with your offerings.
Only joking. I love you really.
"You're number 2 and that aint bad."
(Name that film!)