Monday, July 11, 2011

Monarch Street update

Despite the early morning arson, when I passed the bottom of the Donegall Road on the way home this evening, I noticed a hive a activity in the waste ground along Monarch Street.

Monarch Street/Donegall Road replacement bonfires

Not only had the council left off one of the trial beacons, but the local community had used pallets donated from other bonfires to rebuild an even bigger replacement.

Unfortunately, lots of tyres this time - even some sitting under the beacon.

Monarch Street/Donegall Road replacement bonfires

Over on Slugger, bonfire junkies shouldn't miss the chance to hear a five minute interview about how the construction of the enormous tower of pallets in East Belfast's King George V Playing Fields.


Niall said...

I was thinking about the blame being bandied around for the premature lighting and reflecting that the bonfire on Bloomfield Walkway was lit at least once and I think twice last week by the good residents. Tullycarnet's was smouldering this evening by 7pm without any outside intervention either. I'd say it's just a poor attempt to blame someone else - never attribute to malice what can be easily put down to incompetence :-)

Anonymous said... that's what those pyramid shaped things I've been seeing on the back of flat beds the last week or so...