Sunday, December 18, 2011

Welcome to Wenceslas

Wenceslas has come to live with us. He's a hamster. He moved house from his breeder in East Belfast yesterday afternoon and moved into his new home. Tissue paper was provided. Over time he dragged it all down to the bottom corner of the cage. One sheet he even lifted and dropped over the edge from the raised platform to the ground floor of his compact and bijou accommodation! And while we were out of the room - but while the timelapse camera was still running - he even managed to climb upstairs without using the tube.

My first impressions are that hamsters are clever, nimble beasts, and quite adept at problem solving.

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Shuffling Geisha said...

Love the film, Andrew and I had a hamster for a while who was a hoot, used to come out and tell us off if we were too noisy while she was trying to sleep. She sadly died while we were away on holiday though.