Monday, May 07, 2012

"a broadsheet man in a tabloid world" - Roy Hodgson - Radio 4 Profile

Radio 4's thirteen minute Profile programme this week turned its attention to Roy Hodgson, the new England football manager. As a non-sports fan who normally skips this kind of podcast episode, it was interesting to discover the background to the man who will either be lauded or vilified by the time this summer's Euro football tournament finishes.

Speaking five languages - at least well enough to communicate with European players in their native tongue - and described as "a broadsheet man in a tabloid world", Roy Hodgson has a history of picking up weak teams and "turning water into wine", with the notable exception of his brief six month spell at Liverpool.

Well worth a listen (starts 30 seconds in). Some other recent episodes to highlight: Jeremy Hunt, Kim Jong-un, Jimmy Wales (founder of wikipedia) and - what felt like an April Fool spoof but wasn't - Dame Edna Everage.

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