Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Kitchen, the Bedroom & the Grave (Accidental Theatre)

Watch out for Accidental Theatre’s new production The Kitchen, the Bedroom & the Grave in February and March.

Written by Donal O'Hagan and directed by Richard Lavery, the play follows up-and-coming journalist Dempsey as he is suddenly shipped home from London to Belfast to make a documentary on the changing face of good ol' Norn Iron.

A Christmas visitor at best, Dempsey has his fingers crossed for a quick job and a leap up the career ladder. But his parents (Tom and Martha) and his oldest school buddy (Mark) have their own agendas for him, and soon Dempsey is forced out from behind his camera.

O’Hagan’s stage debut is a multimedia exploration of homecoming that rips into ideas about family and identity, and asks how far can a person be the author of their own life.

The play explores the issue of homecoming: what it means for those who stay, and those who return? Coming home we often return to the parts of ourselves we were never comfortable with?

The cast includes Maggie Cronin (Academy award winning short film The Shore & BBC Doctors), Cillian O'Sullivan (BBC 6Degrees), Noel Magee (BBC Betrayal of Trust) and Jason McLaughlin (Lyric Theatre). Click on the links below to see ticket prices.

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