Thursday, June 29, 2006

Catching up on Lost time

With life being a bit busy, I only started to catch up on season 2 of Lost on Channel 4 last night. But by the miracle of Tivo, I’ve all the episodes so far safely recorded. (At least I think I have.)

So I’ve now watched the first three episodes. They’ve been down the shaft, fired off a few rounds, killed an old Apple II, gone back into the open air, then back down again, fixed the Apple II, typed in the sequence. Oh, and some stuff on the raft, the beach and down a pit.

It’s every bit as good as season one. I reminds me of 24 when it was still on BBC2, except 24 had a lot more tension. It was quite gruelling to watch two or three episodes of 24 series 2 back-to-back in an effort to catch up.

Anyway, three down, another seven to go before I'm up-to-date, and free another seven precious hours of Tivo’s 40 hour limit. (I have never quite got around to upping the capacity of the hard drive!)

Looking down the list of saved content, looks like there's still some Green Wing to enjoy.

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