Thursday, June 29, 2006

Alan in Belfast’s Bookshelf

Postponing the effort required to make Alan in Belfast go three column, and in an attempt to coerce myself into reading through some of my backlog of books, I’ve added a new feature to the blog.

No need for a drum roll!

Simply a picture of my bookshelf - included somewhere down the full-to-bursting right hand column. (In reality, there are probably over twenty books started and half read, but this selection will do for starters.)

Mini-reviews of anything worthwhile or notable will be posted. Feel free to add your comments in advance.

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John Self said...

McEwan's Saturday is very good although not his best (Atonement? Enduring Love?). It's a masterclass in writing though, evidenced by the fact that he can spend 18 pages describing a squash game, or a dozen on a brain operation, and not bore the reader (or not bore this reader anyway). Racked with storyline implausibilities all the same, but then you don't read McEwan for the plots. More detailed thoughts here.

I read a few Tom Holt novels (Flying Dutch, I think one was called) when I was in my late teens, in the early 90s, and was surprised to see him still on the bookshelves a few months ago. Indeed, he seems now to have written about thirty novels and still be only in his early 40s, the swine. At the time I read him he was a sort of substitute for Terry Pratchett during those long 6 month periods between Pratchett novels. Amusing but forgettable, in other words. I can't say if he's improved since then.

I seem to get through a ridiculous number of books. I thought of hiring myself out to read other people's piles of unread books so they don't have to.