Monday, August 07, 2006

Digital Camera Scavenger Hunt bumps into Just for Laughs

This afternoon we went out in three teams on a digital photo scavenger hunt around Belfast. Driving around trying to snap the 25 required shots. (If you ever need an idea to keep a group of young people brimming with enthusiasm for an afternoon - or summer evening - then this is a really fun and simple idea. Could work for us oldies too - along as you have some safe drivers.)

Any idea how hard it is to get a photograph with a police man or woman. It involves first finding one out on the beat, and then chasing them down the street until they agree that it’s appropriate to pose for a photo. (One group called in at Police Headquarters – and eventually got a shot after a hunt for someone in uniform).

A picture of a red Renault Clio proves that Clios aren't as plentiful as they used to be. And woolly scarves are in short supply this summer!

A photo of Kelvin should have been straightforward. Botanic Gardens, front gate. And there he stands on a plinth in front of the Ulster Museum. Except that Just for Laughs were filming at the entrance today. Kirtsteen O’Sullivan in a wedding dress, a camera hidden in a bin, and a small army packed into a white transit van.

Some of the other regulars were there too.

(Jett wasn’t at the shoot … otherwise LTA, JFL and AiB could have collided.)


John Self said...

Ah, Just for Laughs - surely the most inaptly named TV programme since Kids Say The Funniest Things. Interested to see on Wild Rover's website that they are "focused on generating distinctive programmes of the highest quality." Such as A Day in the Westlife of Shane, McKeever and of course Nolan Live. Far be it from me to suggest that Nolan Dead would be a more satisfying viewing experience. Or have I exceeded the boundaries...?

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

I think you have exceeded the boundaries, but I know you're being threatening. Otherwise we'll all be hauled onto Nolan in the morning (or the local police cells!).

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering how easy it is now for the just for laughs crew to catch people out. I'm sure everyone in N.Ireland has seen just for laughs by now, and would definately realise what was going on once they see either Keith or Kirsteen. I was in Bar 12 just off Botanic Avenue yesterday evening (Monday 7th August) for a quiet pint with a few old uni mates. I saw Keith walking in for a pint. Immediately I knew that if anything funny/strange were to happen when I go to buy my next pint, or visit the gents, then it was most certainly something to do with a 'just for laughs' gag. I dont think i'd be easily caught out !! Nothing happened however. Maybe they are targeting tourists from further afield who wouldn't have seen the show.

David Todd said...

Or shoppers @ Connswater?