Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harry Potter count = 3

Not sure if it'll be a regular feature, but AiB can report that the number of new Harry Potter books sighted on this morning's journey across to central London stood at 3.

The first was left lying open in the rear galley of the red eye bmi flight to Heathrow. It was a strangely configured but fairly empty plane, and someone was keeping themselves busy turning the pages of JK Rowling's last installment of Hogwort's magic while we circled aimlessly over central London.

The next two sightings were passengers on Bakerloo and Jubilee tube trains. Standing in very crowded carriages, precariously balancing their briefcases along with the weighty hardback Deathly Hallows. Quite mad.

But then if Amazon delivered to one out of every 43 UK households on Saturday morning, and the high street bookshops and supermarkets have been flogging them too, there should be a couple of unfinished copies on most buses and tube carriages for the next week or so.


Anonymous said...

My only sighting of an active copy (as opposed to all the emasculated, unsold ones littering the shelves of bookshops, supermarkets, chemists and greengrocers everywhere) was when we went to view a house in Ormiston Something last week and the wife of the family was reading it. Their bedside bookstacks included Plato and Jilly Cooper, so points anyway for variety.

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

And the prices of houses in Ormiston will be more shocking than anything you'll notice on a bookshelf!