Monday, August 06, 2007

Tesco Customer Services replied ...

It all started last Monday night. Someone kind gave us a Tesco handheld Bubble blower (powered by 2 AA batteries). The perfect gift for a two and a half year daughter. I found two batteries, screwed them in, and hey presto ... no bubbles, no whirring noise. One dead bubble blower. Returned it to Knocknagoney Tesco. Got home, and the replacement whirred, but couldn’t blow bubbles to save its life.

Instructions for dud Tesco bubble blower

So that would be two return trips to a Tesco store with two dud products. Unimpressed, I ended up specking to the duty manager, who came out with a great quote:

“Tesco wouldn’t have much of a business if we refunded the mileage of everyone who brings something back.”

You can read the full story in the earlier posting. I emailed Tesco Customer Services, and a few days later when I hadn’t heard anything back (not even an acknowledgement of receipt of the email) I resent the email. This time they sent back a “I just want to let you know that your email has successfully reached us, and we promise to be back in touch as soon as possible” message.

And then this morning, at 5.51am - someone had an early start - when Tesco Customer Services replied:

“I was sorry to learn that you were unhappy with the reply you received from the Duty Manager of our Knocknagoney store. Please accept my apologies for the disappointment caused.

If a customer experiences a serious problem wit hone [sic] of the products or services we offer the person dealing with the complaint may decide to provide that customer with a gesture of goodwill. I can confirm, however, that that decision is at the discretion of the person dealing with the complaint in this case that would have been the Duty Manager.”

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us at ...”

So no right to appeal! And if a slightly grumpy customer deals with a quite grumpy duty manager, that’s tough luck.

(I'm thinking AiB needs to invest in a new tag for lousy customer service posts!)


Cosmo said...

Moving away from the customer service angle for a moment and getting back to the root of your problem, I too have experienced difficulty with the Tesco bubble shooter. However, my wife figured out the way to make it work:

Try "pumping" the trigger for about 10-15 seconds then hold the trigger in as usual. It worked for my little 3 year old.

Perhaps if, as a sign of goodwill, Tesco give you a free bubble gun you could give this theory a try!

Brabazon said...

Time to go back to Secret Sainsburys... :)

Howard said...

Do you not think these large businesses have 'bog standard' replies to all complaints?

I would suggest that like to give the impression of giving a personal service but at the end of the day you are just a statistic to them.

p.s: I have a fantastic bubble blower that takes 8 AA batteries. Cant remember where I got it from but it makes a brilliant mess!

Anonymous said...

I have had the same problem with this product, but could not be bothered with dealing with Tesco to return it - no doubt Tesco will be happy with the extra few pence I saved them (as they say every little helps).

Normally I do not complain at the bad service received at this particular store, however, this morning I filled my car up with fuel. When paying I was not greeted at all by the till staff, and following my stating the pump number received no further communication from the staff member working the till (at 7.45am 31st August 2007) apart from "Pin". No please, thank you, or even the price of my purchase was communicated to me.

Unfortunately, the lady serving me was way too preoccupied with having a conversation with the second member of staff to take too much notice of a paying customer - another customer, being served by the second member of staff, having received the same level of service, commented to me, whilst we walked back to our cars shaking our heads at the attitude of staff, that such service was typical at this store.

For once I thought I would drop Tesco a line to point out the service level received, but cannot seem to easily locate an email address on their website (there are a number of telephone numbers and postal addresses) - I'm sure there must be one published and that I am looking in the wrong place - as I don't wish to call them (in case I interrupt a conversation about Eastenders, or suchlike) I was wondering if anyone here could point me in the right direction.

As brabazon said: time to go back to Secret Sainsbury’s - at least I have a 5p off a litre of petrol voucher from them now.

All the best

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

I used customer DOT service AT tesco DOT co DOT uk