Monday, August 06, 2007

Déjà vu ... no fresh hot or cold food (again) on this morning’s bmi flight

stock photo of bmi plane

It’s happened before, and I’ll not be surprised if it happens again. Shortly after take-off, the cabin crew announced that due to circumstances beyond their control, there was no hot or cold fresh food on board this morning’s flight. (Though I think the handful of people in business class were ok!)

It sounded like it wasn’t bmi’s direct fault. Maybe someone slept in at the local supplier and forgot to get up to drive the truck to the airport?

But it’s bad to be marketed at, promised that the benefits of frequent flyer schemes include complimentary in-flight food, and get nothing.

Given that they boarded this morning’s flight super early, and then let is sit and wait for 25 minutes while the last three reluctant passengers were rounded up, bmi saved on the cost of breakfast in the lounge (our bums barely hit the sofas), saved on free newspapers (since they weren’t unpacked before we left) and saved on breakfast on board! Pretty thrifty!

For those who travel bmi a lot, you may have noticed that they’ve dropped flapjacks from the list of catering that diamond club members can order on-board for free. Replaced with peanuts.

This morning, in the absence of something more substantial, I innocently ordered “tea and a flapjack” ... which was ok until the steward came back 15 minutes later to explain that I’d have to pay for the flapjack since it was no longer part of the free deal. Half the menu’s unavailable, and then you want to retrospectively charge me for something that’s half digested? And who would want peanuts for breakfast? Glad to say that common sense prevailed and the charge was amicably dropped!

But since they still have flapjacks available for purchase, and they’re cheaper than some of the alternative “free” choices (sandwiches etc) why drop them off the list?

With Aer Lingus opening up the Belfast International–London Heathrow route, bmi’s sometimes shaky (though often commendable) customer service will be under scrutiny and passengers may be tempted to try out the alternative.

(Thinking about starting a new AiB posting tag for customer service rants!)

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