Saturday, October 13, 2007

Autumn Festival at Crawfordsburn II

We ended up calling in at the Autumn Festival over lunchtime today. It’s on again tomorrow in Crawfordsburn Park if you fancy what you see.

There was food ...

Pancakes with apple

... and pressed apple to drink.

Pressing apples at the Autumn Fair

There were crafts for young children (and us older kids too) including planting acorns in a decorated pot ...

Planting little acorns
Tin full of acorns

... and making creepy spider bookmarks.

DIY Spider bookmarks

There were pigs ...

A pig at the Autumn Festival

apples to look at, discuss and buy

Table full of apples

and apple trees to purchase and plant.

Apple trees on sale

Organic fruit and vegetables on sale from Helen’s Bay Organic stall.

Organic fruit and vegetables on sale

Not to mention the live music

Live music at the Autumn Festival

and the statutory man on stilts providing witty banter to all around and who had a distinct advantage when it came to the welly throwing competition!

Stilt walker throwing a welly boot

Thank you Environment & Heritage Service (EHS NI)!

Sign for the Environment Heritage Services EHS NI


Anonymous said...

Yep, we went there too - it was a great day out. The kids loved the animals (although the pigs stank), and we topped it off by taking a nice walk along the beach.

I'll have to do a little write-up later on too.

Did you try your hand at the archery?

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

No - we stuck to pigs and donkeys, and the hand-spun carousel. Things that an under-three-year-old would cope with!

Dave said...

That's my mate Chris on the stilts - whilst he was there i was dressed as a french chef for the launch of Ratatouille in Coleraine. From the looks of things i'd rather have been in Crawfordsburn.

Anonymous said...

We called into the park this morning, lots of people about, great day out!!
Who was the guy 'working' Cynthia Crawfordsburn? Best entertainment all year!!!! Worth the visit just to see him entertain the kids (and the adults)
M and L