Friday, October 26, 2007

Belfast's Rickety Wheel - putting the "eye" into Belfast

Remember back in 1995, every Friday night served up another helping of PK Tonight, with Patrick Kielty's close-to-the-knuckle jokes, guests and bands. Spinning the Big Rickety Wheel was a constant segment throughout the series.

And now Belfast has built a replica - between a quarter and half the size of the London Eye, and strictly a temporary structure that last a few months at the side of Belfast City Hall.

It'll take fifteen minutes to complete a revolution. One of the capsules is black and marked VIP ... not sure what advantage it offers. But it'll surely become a lunchtime treat - depending on the cost (the wheel is supposed to be self-financing over the few months it remains in Belfast).

A bit like the St Anne's Cathedral spire, the wheel pops up in all kinds of views across Belfast: appearing between city centre buildings, peeping above the rooftops as you drive across the Albert Bridge and up past Central Station.

Update: on-board on a rainy Saturday afternoon ...


Anonymous said...

hiya - dont know you or anything but came across this via google after searching for pictures of the grand wheel - HA! well i heard the VIP capsule has a glass floor.. think thats about it.. ya.

Anonymous said...

well that was a totally useless and rude comment from a moron.