Thursday, October 04, 2007

Swinging from a crane

Hanging from a crane looking over Belfast

One of the problems with building the new Belfast is that it's quite a squeeze to work on sites surrounded by existing structures that constrain the space for portakabins and materials, and limit the amount of noise that can be made.

So that explains why one of Belfast's building sites is busy silently boring holes in the clay with a gigantic screw drill bit mounted on a massive drill and filling them with steel and concrete - rather than driving piles in with a constant thunk thunk all day long.

But it seemed to break this morning - and needed some TLC. So in came an even bigger crane with some guys with a head for heights. And as they swung, I wonder if they had enough time to take in their amazing view over Belfast?

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Stephen Barnes said...

They were loading up the 'baby drill' last night about 21:20, and I assumed that they'd finished with it! Looks like they're just about to get serious.