Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I want one of those ... bookish presents

If you’re a book reader, or even if you’re just a book buyer, the nice people at IWOOT (I Want One Of Those) have a couple of gift ideas.

I Want One Of Those (IWOOT) Book Shelf

First there’s a floating bookshelf disguised as a French novel that screws into the wall - no visible means of support - and allows you to stack other books on top. Maybe it would allow you to get rid of the pile dominating your bedside table, or down on the floor?

I Want One Of Those (IWOOT) Book Stool

And if you’ve just got rid of a pile of books on the floor, why not replace them with a solid book stool, described on the IWOOT website as:

“Hollow and yet hefty, this resin moulded and exceedingly realistic pile of books makes a brilliant stool for the computer generation - a gentle reminder that the printed page still has a place in today's digital world, even if it's for your bum.”

And if all else fails, there’s always Amazon gift vouchers! or the bookcases with in-built snug chair featured in an April AiB post.

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Anonymous said...

Terrific! I particularly like the look of Ceci n'est pas un livre, as the SELF Shelf name would look custom made for yours truly...