Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Was the Highway Code revised when I wasn’t looking?

The Highway Code for Northern Ireland

I don’t want you to think that I’m a stick-in-the-mud or trapped in the past, but this morning’s short commute into work was accompanied by a display of guerrilla driving extraordinaire.

First, half way down the Belmont Road, someone in a 4x4 pulled out and drove 50m down the wrong side of the road before sharply turning in to one of the side roads (Ferguson Drive) near Gourmet Burger Bar. Managed to go through a red light in the middle of this manoeuvre too - but maybe being on the wrong side of the road the jeep was exempt? The oncoming traffic reached the same spot a few seconds after the reckless driver swung around the corner at speed.

Then there was another outbreak of driving on the wrong side of the road when a taxi driver grew restless in the outside lane on the Albertbridge Road and decided to pull out and drive down the far side of the road before turning into Cluan Place. Again, they were being dazzled by oncoming headlights before they got around the corner.

And a few seconds later, another taxi decided that rather than waiting for the traffic to move forward and allow him into the bus lane, he’d just mount the pavement and bump his way over, saving a few seconds in his no-doubt busy day.

It’s as if the Highway Code was revised, and someone forgot to tell me? If all roads are to be filled with lunatics - particularly ones recklessly behind the wheels of taxis - maybe I should have stayed in bed this morning?

PS: Why isn’t reckless spelt wreckless?

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Timothy Belmont said...

There aren't sufficient numbers of police here to cope with the levels of bad, irresponsible driving. A few years ago I drove along Sydenham Road towards the Odyssey, into Town, and a car swept past with a female driver. The speed limit is 30mph. She turned into Musgrave St police station...
It's doubtless a waste of time reporting dangerous driving because the police here apparently don't wish to know (too much trouble).