Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 travel round up

Crowded scene at Terminal 1 Heathrow on Wednesday 20 December 2006

So the end of the year, and time for the AiB annual travel round up.

Work-wise, there were a lot of trips to London (resulting from working on a number of project teams that were at least partially collocated in the big smoke), and a lot fewer visits to Ipswich. Not to forget one to Brussels - via Eurostar!

And then there was a sudden cessation in mid October, when I was no longer part of the day-to-day London-based team, with only two days away since!

  • In total, I sped down a runway and took off 83 times in 2007.
    (2006 = 82; 2005 = 100)
  • I’ve spent 65 nights in 10 different hotels.
    (2006 = 51 nights in 18 hotels; 2005 = 64 nights)
  • I’ve spent 101 days working outside Northern Ireland.
    (2006 = 85; 2005 = 114)

The worst month was August, with 17 days away - out of 22 working days.

Belfast waved goodbye to Air Berlin and FlyWhoosh. I haven’t yet enjoyed the delights of new-to-Belfast operators Aer Lingus or RyanAir. There were a few delays, but no need to spend the night at the airport. London City Airport turned out to be a joy. Flapjacks were an issue with bmi!

Getting the train up from London to Newcastle during the June English floods was quite straightforward, but getting a refund out of GNER (replaced by National Express from tomorrow) for the cancelled train home proved more difficult - three months in the end.

(The 2007 film review will appear in early January.)

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