Friday, June 13, 2008

PCI Tech Camp, 4-9 August, 13-16 years old, £99

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So here’s the pitch.

If you look through lists of Christian summer camps, you’d swear that everyone is athletic and adventurous, wanting to burn off steam in the great outdoors and rough it sleeping under canvass. And for some, that is their picture of heaven.

And for others - including me as a teenager (and still as a thirty-something) - it’s a vision of the other place! No books. No technology. No proper bed.

Gaming at Tech Camp 2006

So three summer’s ago, a few of us got together and proposed that the Presbyterian Church in Ireland should run a Technology Camp alongside its range of other youth camps. You’ll note that our original intention to call it Geek Camp was toned down, though the blurb did end with the line ...

After all, everyone should know that God Employs Electronic Know-how!

Editing voxpops using AVID

Held up in the Derryvolgie Halls of Residence in Belfast, everyone gets their own room with a proper bed and decent food! It’s wall to wall technology, looking across the range of internet, gaming, sound, video, filming voxpops and editing them, a bit of web design, blogging, podcasting … you name it, we’ll try it. Might even try some simple animation this year. Think of it as BarCamp for teens!

Film reel from QFT

We also visit places, going behind the scenes where you’ll not often get the chance to see. On previous camps, we’ve been around BBC NI and UTV, around the back of the projector (and theatre) at the Queens Film Theatre, as well as the Sonic labs at QUB.

We’ve had very positive feedback from the campers who’ve attended during the first two years. A place to hang out with others who share your interests, have a lot of fun and learn new skills which you can use yourself or in your church or youth group. Lives, attitudes and confidence changed. New skills that are useful. New friendships that are real - though will still survive the virtual world. And time to think about God’s plans for each of us and how we can make best use of our talents and interests.

Digital mixing desk at Whitewell

So if you’re aged 13–16 years old (or know someone - male or female - who is) and free between Monday 4 and Saturday 9 August, why not join us for a week of fun. A bargain at £99.

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Anonymous said...

what a brilliant idea Alan. I'm only envious that I'm too old and clueless.

I'll pass the details on,

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Have often suggested that we should run the camp for adults (even just clergy) too.

Will bring you a couple of forms tonight.

Anonymous said...

Get your kids involved! It really is such a fun week. Simply gutted I can't be involved this year.

Anonymous said...

This sounds a great idea. I would recommend it to friends' kids because of the technology element but not the religious part. It's a pity something like this can't be run for all kids without them having to listen to religious stuff as well.

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Trans Belfast / Urban Arts Academy have a lot of good courses/workshops on over the summer.

Niall said...

Shame it clashes with KCC@KPC or I would have liked to lend a hand ... perhaps next year :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Are you guys planning something like this for this summer?

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

We hope to. Nothing firm yet, but it should appear as a 2009 camp over at in a month or two.

Would be great to see you along.

Ben Hegan said...

Tech Camp is fantastic Alan! Yet another Great article from yourself!