Monday, October 06, 2008

Gerry and his Cookie Monster watch

Promo shot for Northern Ireland's Sesame Tree

Now AiB has had a minor fixation with the local Sesame Tree programme, helped by a visit to see the production company with the PCI Tech Campers, and an occasional email conversation on the subject.

Martin McGuinness allowed himself to be photographed with Hilda and Potto at the show's launch earlier this year. But according to Mark Devenport's excellent blog last week, Gerry Adams has gone one step further.

Gerry and the Cookie Monster

Gerry Adams is in the United States, ostensibly telling Americans about the serious nature of the current deadlock. However I suspect that his real purpose is to go shopping for muppet memorabilia.

Apparently he ran in to the President of Sesame Workshop, Gary Knell, at last month's meeting of the Bill Clinton's Global Initiative group in New York. Sesame Workshop make both the legendary Sesame Street and the local version, Sesame Tree.

The SF President told the SW president that Sesame is "huge" here. Then Gerry showed Gary his wrist, on which he proudly sported a Cookie Monster watch. Mr Knell's view was that this was as good as it gets.

Sesame, of course, doesn't just appeal to republicans. When Gary Knell visited the Assembly earlier in the year, the Speaker Willie Hay presented him with an Ian Knox cartoon of 108 muppets outside Stormont.

You couldn't make it up!

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