Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mini Countryman - it's always a great day for an ice cream!

Update - They also had a Scalextric track set up in one corner of the showroom. Unfortunately, the cars racing around the track weren't Minis (like my thirty year old set), but they did speed under a bridge constructed from two soft Mini toys (priced at around £25 each).

Bavarian were showing off the new Mini Countryman this afternoon.

Red Mini Countryman

Basically, it's like a souped-up cartoon version of a Mini ... much, much larger and very rounded. And with a price tag (starting at £16,000) to match.

Interior of Mini Countryman

The interior hasn't diverted too much from that of previous Minis. While it's possible to fit three people across the back seat, there's also an option for just two proper seats in the rear.

Centre rail extending through to rear seats in Mini Countryman

In that configuration I like the way the centre rail continues back past the hand brake and into the back. You can clip on cup holders and sunglass holders, as well as mobile and iPod chargers!

Back rail in Mini Countryman

Did I mention how large it looks from the outside!

White Mini Countryman

Bavarian had a couple of the normal-sized Minis (including the slightly elongated Clubman) in the showroom, parked behind the new Countryman models. They looked so small and practical ... made me feel nostalgic for the wee yellow Mini I used to drive (from the company car scheme).

Ice cream cones and Mini Countrymen

Despite the weather - the rain was tipping down in south Belfast all afternoon - Bavarian's decision to hire in a Hoy's Farmhouse ice cream stall for the afternoon was a popular decision.

A view through a Mini Countryman

I wonder if Mini's next model will be a full-sized 4x4 complete with bull bars?

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