Friday, December 17, 2010

A warm welcome in a cold Titanic Quarter - The Dock's Meet the Neighbours

The Dock - Christmas - Meet the Neighbours

The Dock should be pleased with last night's turnout. People working in (and for) Titanic Quarter, along with residents and friends gathered inside an unoccupied shop unit at the base of the new apartments in Abercorn Basin. It was easy to find - the open door with the VW blue camper parked outside and a brazier offering heat to anyone needing a smoke.

The Dock - Christmas - Meet the Neighbours

The unit's concrete shell was decorated with fairy lights. Mulled wines were stewing on a gas stove, along with supplies of shortbread and good cheer. Residents met for the first time. TQ employees explained what excites them about the area. And once again, food (and drink) was a door to relationship.

I caught up with Titanic Quarter's chaplain Chris Bennett and asked him about the Dock and his work in the area ... just as it started to snow again. That's the Kit sculpture lit up behind him.

The Dock - Christmas - Meet the Neighbours

For another 36 hours or so you can still catch his thoughtful (and more boisterous than normal!) Morning Worship for Advent from Radio Ulster last Sunday in which he describes a bit more about the project.

The Dock - Christmas - Meet the Neighbours

And this morning's Thought for the Day with Michelle Marken talked about her Dock Walk.

The Dock - Christmas - Meet the Neighbours

Update - You can catch Chris' summary of the evening and his video/slide show over on The Dock blog.


Mike said...

Hey there,

I've recently moved in; the 'party' was too early for me, unfortunately.

Do you know of any decent broadband providers around the Arc? There's Atlas, which is simply ridiculous, Sky and Virgin all want me to pay for a never touched phone and mobile coverage seems to suck a big deal. Does 3 have 3G indoors coverage by now?

Steveo said...

Bit late seeing this comment, but I moved in recently & I intend using directsave and o2 for landline and b/band. Works out about 25 pcm.

Atlas' customer services would have me believe they are the only service providers for the Titanic Quarter because they 'won a contract'!!