Sunday, March 06, 2011

Catching up with Brian Ervine

Brian Ervine emerged as the Progressive Unionist Party’s leader last year after Dawn Purvis quit in the aftermath of UVF members’ involvement in the murder of Bobby Moffett.

Brian Ervine sitting under a portrait of his late brother David Ervine

I caught up with Brian in the PUP’s Newtownards Road office on Thursday afternoon. Serving in the shadow of his brother – and physically, sitting under a photo of David Ervine – he talked about his political beliefs, party policy, election hopes, and was happy to discuss the PUP’s relationship with the UVF and his impression on the UVF’s progress towards standing down.

You can catch the full detail (and a transcript if you don't want to watch the video!) in a post over on Slugger O'Toole.

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redsetter said...

Ireland needs more guys like Brian.

On your use of the word " douse", is commonly use down in Cork as to put something out, as in a fire.