Tuesday, March 01, 2011

TEDx Belfast - Wed 23 March at 4pm - Creativity and the City

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TED talks are coming to Belfast later this month.

The independently organised local events under the banner of TEDx share the same vision as its parent - "ideas worth spreading".

TEDx Belfast will take place at 4pm on Wednesday 23 March in Belfast Harbour Commissioner’s Office. Under the title of Creativity and the City, speakers with a connection to Belfast (and Northern Ireland) will deliver talks to stimulate thought and plant ideas about creativity, design, innovation, technology and entertainment.

Davy Sims and his small team have assembled six great speakers, with the possibility of one more. A number of TED talks will be shown during the event. Tickets (£30) are limited to 100.

  • Paul Moore :: Professor at University of Ulster's Head of School of Creative Arts. Member of Content Board Ofcom.

  • Ruth Morrow :: Ruth is Professor of Architecture at Queen’s University Belfast. She has worked as an architect in the UK and Germany and taught at Schools of Architecture across the UK and Ireland. Her work tests the potentials between people, place, creativity and pedagogy and ranges across activist design pedagogies, urban activism and innovative product development. All her work is underpinned by an ethos of inclusivity and design excellence. She is co-founder of Tactility Factory, a spinout company that has developed award winning, innovative surfaces, combining concrete and textile technologies. Together with her co-founder Trish Belford they are known for their ability to make ‘mad ideas sane’.

  • Sinclair Stockman :: Living and working in Belfast and Paris Sinclair is founder of Active Minds, Paris. Currently Sinclair works as an independent executive technology and transformation advisor, working with a number of innovative web service based companies, providing executive advice and also working on a number of innovative projects with global NGOs and in developing countries.

  • Colin Williams :: Colin's TV production company Sixteen South is the creator of Sesame Tree, a co-production with Sesame Workshop in New York - and Big City Park, a co-production with BBC Scotland, which recently won an IFTA (Irish Film and Television) Award. Both series have been commissioned by CBeebies for UK broadcast in 2010.

  • Mark Dowds :: from Northern Ireland now living in California, Mark is founder of BrainPark.com.

  • Maureen Piggot :: Maueen is Director of MENCAP Northern Ireland and is leading the development of a social media space for people with learning disabilities.

It's brilliant to see that Belfast (and NI more widely) taking the opportunity to celebrate itself and exclaim its own vision to the world. And since the talks will be videoed, the content will be available for a much wider audience afterwards.

See the TEDxBelfast page, Facebook and ticket site for further details. Or follow their plans on Twitter.

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Gary said...

Speaking of creativity and innovation - If anyone is interested there is a free conference tomorrow at the Sonic Arts Research Centre entitled, Creative Industries Innovation. A bit late notice but better late than never! Details are on the PLACE website at http://placeni.org/place_events/2011/03/43
Might be worth checking out...