Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Down on the Main Road by Damian Kearney, last of this season's Accidental Theatre Biscuit Tin Readings (Tuesday 24)

If Friday's Belfast Culture Night puts you in the mood to explore some local arts, then don't miss the last of this season's Biscuit Tin Readings in the Ulster Hall Group Space on Tuesday 24 at 7pm.

Down on the Main Road is written by Irish playwright Damian Kearney and directed by Fionnuala Kennedy.
Faith Hartnett, the principal of Main Road School, and Dad-Man, the custodian of the school are - for different reasons - cursed to remain forever bound within the school. They take us through a day in the school’s life and try to get our heads round the fact that the school is a living, pulsating organism. The walls and boiler fall prey to colds and mood-swings, experiencing first love, reacting tempestuously to a student that had a bad time and had to leave.

You can find our more about Accidental Theatre’s plays, readings and open calls for submission on their website, Facebook and tweets.

Like all of Culture Night, the reading is free!

After this, Accidental's next venture is Fast & Loose, a 24 hour play project returning to the Lyric Theatre for the second time on Saturday 9 November at 9pm.
How long does it take to make a play? Months, years, decades? What if you had only twenty-four hours? Fast & Loose is an experiment in playmaking and inspiring creativity, which originated in Los Angeles with Sacred Fools Theatre Company. All housed in one theatre for twenty-four hours, from 9pm on the first day, four playwrights have only 12 hours to craft a new short play. At 9am the following day, four directors and casts will have a further 12 hours to make the play, each being performed that night in the Lyric Studio for the first time. The results are often unpredictable, unique and uplifting, showcasing some of the finest theatre and creative artists working in Northern Ireland.

Here's what the playrights, directors and actors thought of last year's playmaking ...

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