Monday, October 22, 2007

The postman bringeth ... free tickets and an invitation to canapés

Something unexpected and unexplained happened today.

I got a hand addressed envelope in this morning’s mail. When I opened it, out fell a compliment slip and three free ticket passes from the Curzon Cinema chain in London that I tend to frequent when I’m over there working.

No explanation, just three free tickets!

So thank you Curzon Cinemas. And one good turn deserves another. If you’re ever in London and looking for a decent cinema to go and see something intelligent, can I recommend you check out the Curzon. The Renoir’s handy if you’re up near Bloomsbury, and the excellent Curzon Soho is just around the corner from Leicester Square and Yung’s in Chinatown.

The post - different envelope - also brought an invitation to Drinks and Canapés on a Tuesday night in November. Think that’s the first time anyone’s ever invited me to a do by that name. Roll on the puff pastry vol-au-vents and the dips.

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