Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Belfast Apple Store opens on Saturday 20 September at 9am

Shiny white and brushed aluminium gadgets will at long last be on sale from the new Apple Store in Belfast’s Victoria Square shopping centre from Saturday morning.

The grand opening is at 9am on Saturday 20 September.

The first one thousand people through the shop doors will all receive a free Apple t-shirt, and there are chances to win a MacBook and an iPod Nano.

Watch out for the queue ...

Update - TBSteve snapped the inside of the store before it opened ... although I'm not entirely convinced it's the Belfast store?

Update - review of the opening.


Anonymous said...

Nice one.

Any chance you can pick up a t-shirt for those of us unlucky (or lucky!!) enough to be out of the country? XXL for me!

Anonymous said...

ahh... just as i was thinking of making a purchase of a shiny white gadget. maybe see you in queue. S:

Anonymous said...

i'll be there, although I kind of feel dirty being sucked in by all the Apple hype. They do make such great devices though

Anonymous said...

The Apple store is offically open in Belfast. Check out Left over 'GREY MATTER' blog for picture from the top of the line.